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Who We Are:

http://www.julianodepine.com.br/42874-differin-gel-price.html lecture StarMEC LLC is helmed by personnel with over 50 total years of insurance related experience, and more than 20 years of self-insured and self-funded plan experience. We also combine a healthy dose of 25 plus years of regulatory compliance (at all levels), with an administrative staff that is first rate. polynesian dating san diego ca We assist in providing Self-Funded ERISA Health Benefit Plans with Employers starting with the Basic Wellness Plan which is 100% ACA Compliant and meets the requirements to avoid the tax penalties of the ACA.


What We Do:

http://innutramerch.com/61742-levitra-price.html regulate Our mission is to provide Health Benefit Plan Alternatives to Employers that offer similar benefits of Major Medical Insurance without the high cost of traditional insurance premiums. conocer hombres mas de 50 StarMEC, and its Employees are dedicated professionals that have come up with Innovative Plans to help Employers provide Self-Funded Health Benefits for their Employee’s and families without having to pay the high costs of traditional Major Medical Plans.


http://project-quber.com/11884-careprost-usa.html save We do this by assisting Employers in the Administration of Self-Funded ERISA Health Benefit Plans. We are committed to helping our clients find Affordable Solutions to assist them in offering a Self-Funded Alternative Health Benefit Plan in place of the traditional high cost Health Insurance. This arrangement allows employers to keep more of their money in their pockets, and still be able to provide HealthCare benefits for their employees. We have found that employees that receive some benefits have a tendency to be loyal to their employers, therefore saving the employers time and money in the turnover of employees

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deliver http://elinhaaga.com/65993-buy-clenbuterol-online.html We then offer other options that can be added to the Basic Plan for those wanting a little more than Wellness coverage. We call these our Mega Plan and Mega Plus Plans. When you call our office with questions we try our best to have a live person there to answer your calls, not an answering machine. Yes, there will be times when we are busy helping other clients, but all calls are returned by the end of the day if you leave a message.


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