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A:   Please refer to the 2018 Enrollment Guide, and other Documents that are provided to you through your Employers Login at Starmec.org.   The Login information will be given to you during enrollment.   These documents can be downloaded to your computer for future reference

A:   StarMec does not require you to see a Physician in a specific Network, you are free to use the provider or facility of your choice.   It is important to remember that the Basic Plan and the Mega plans are not Major Medical Insurance policies, but a Self Funded ERISA Plan provided, and paid by your employer.

When you go to see a doctor, or schedule an appointment you should tell the provider that this is a “Self-Funded plan provided through your employer.”   If they have any questions they are free to call Keystone Claim Services at 888-227-5583.  The phone number will also be on the back of your Member ID Card.

A:   The Basic Plan or the Mega Plan/ Mega Bundles can be added at any time of eligibility. The MVP (Minimum Value Plan) can only be added during Open Enrollment. Once you accept the MVP Plan it can not be cancelled until Open Enrollment comes around again unless there is a qualifying event.

A:   Monthly fees are paid with Pre-Tax dollars through payroll deductions. You will not be able to change the elections for the Mega Plan/ Mega Plus Options until the next open enrollment period unless you experience a qualifying event.

The Basic Plan can be changed at any time throughout the year.   Just complete a new Waiver/Acceptance form and submit it to your employer.   You can get these forms from your employer or you can login through StarMec.org, and download it with the rest of your Enrollment Documents.  Once we receive the revised Waiver/Acceptance Form the change to your coverage will take place the first day of the following month.

A:   A qualifying event is special circumstance that allows you to change your Health Benefits out of Open Enrollment.   These situations include events In your life that you don’t have control over, such as the loss of coverage through a spouses plan, death of a family member, gaining coverage through a spouse, or termination of employment with your employer just to name a few.

A:   We send out Member Cards to employers the first week of each month. Your card will be sent to your employer in the month that your coverage becomes active. Should you need to use your benefits during the few days of active coverage prior to receiving your card, please call our office so that we can assist you.  The phone number for StarMec  is 800-407-5772 or Keystone Claims at 888-227-5583

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